Going All-in on Holidays and Seasons

Fall leaves

As many people have already seen, I started embracing fall in August. 

I’ve been ordering pumpkin spice lattes, updating my fall wardrobe (I am wearing a pair of leggings with pumpkins on them as I write this) and filling my apartment with fall decorations. 

I even have my Halloween costume added to an Amazon soon to be purchased – though I can’t do my favorite bar crawl this year.

I know what you are thinking: “Ugh, why do people have to rush summer? Why can’t you just enjoy the season that we are in?”

For me, it’s because:

  • It’s a great distraction from all of the grief, and a new form of self-care.
  • It’s a representation of kicking summer out, since it was the worst one of my life.
  • It helps me feel like I’m taking back control of things, which helps me feel as happy as I am capable of feeling. (Genuine happy moments are few and far between these days.)
  • It will help me get in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, so I can embrace them even though they’re going to look so much different this year. (Side note, I also started my holiday shopping…)

For these reasons, I have decided that for the rest of the year, I’m going all-in on holidays and seasons. 2020 has taken so much away from me already, and it won’t take anything else.

Anyone else embracing fall with me?

My new favorite video: 

Fall Will Fix Everything – 2020 (The Holderness Family)

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Marketing professional + event planner, grief and self-care blogger.

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