Happy Birthday, Mom!


Today I am changing things up because it’s my Mom’s birthday, and I want to write about how incredible she is. 

I won’t call her “strong,” because we have had many discussions about how much we both hate that word. Neither of us feel strong – we are grieving! This is hard work! We are tired! So I will just settle for “incredible.”

I have always been able to talk to my Mom about anything and everything, and I am so grateful for that, because I know that not everyone has that relationship with their parents. 

This helps us have really deep and often painful discussions of how grief and mourning have been affecting us. It helps us understand each other so we can heal together.

Mom has also always encouraged me to write. She knew back in high school that I might be a writer someday, and while I wish it were under different circumstances, she was right. 

Fortunately, because of our understanding of one another, this helps me write better blog posts because they not only help me, but they help her and many others.

Mom was also Dad’s caretaker this year until the very end, and their relationship has been and always will be my version of “relationship goals.” (I am sorry to make you cry on your birthday but this is true.)

So when I was recently prompted to try a gratitude meditation (see below), it’s only natural that one of the first people to come to mind is my Mom.

She is truly incredible, and I am wishing her the happiest birthday possible under these circumstances.

Love you, Mom!

Gratitude Meditation

  • Begin by bringing awareness to your breath, in and out through your nose.
  • Identify something or someone that you’re your grateful for.
  • Visualize this person or thing in your mind and experience this person or thing with all of your senses: Bring to mind what it, he or she looks like, sounds like, smells like, feels like…
  • Reflect on what about this person or thing you are grateful for in your life. How does this person or thing make you feel?
  • Repeat with three different people or things in your life.

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