Creative Ways to Use Leftovers or Other Extra Food

I picked up cooking as a form of self-care this year. Finding new things to cook, making up recipes based on what’s in my fridge, and getting more creative with my leftovers are a few things that work best for me. Especially when it reduces food waste. A few years ago, I started becoming moreContinue reading “Creative Ways to Use Leftovers or Other Extra Food”

Please Let Me Have Thanksgiving

Having a lot of thoughts tonight and this whole week, really.  This was just going to just be a Facebook post, but apparently the wine I have been drinking tonight says otherwise. I started off by wanting to share my “depression anthem” with everyone: My parents introduced me to this song last Christmas, and itContinue reading “Please Let Me Have Thanksgiving”

Grief, Mourning, and Everything in Between

This is a really difficult post to write, because as much as I have written so far, there is something that I have been really struggling to put words to. It comes down to honestly not knowing the right words to describe it.  To work through this, I have been spending time researching the differencesContinue reading “Grief, Mourning, and Everything in Between”

Don’t Hold Back: Crying is a Good Thing

Here’s the thing about crying: I hate it.  But unfortunately, it’s a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to grief, and one of the only things that really helps me get through whatever I’m feeling. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m mad or frustrated. I cry when I’m happy.  I hate it everyContinue reading “Don’t Hold Back: Crying is a Good Thing”