Creative Ways to Use Leftovers or Other Extra Food

I picked up cooking as a form of self-care this year. Finding new things to cook, making up recipes based on what’s in my fridge, and getting more creative with my leftovers are a few things that work best for me. Especially when it reduces food waste. A few years ago, I started becoming moreContinue reading “Creative Ways to Use Leftovers or Other Extra Food”

Don’t Hold Back: Crying is a Good Thing

Here’s the thing about crying: I hate it.  But unfortunately, it’s a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to grief, and one of the only things that really helps me get through whatever I’m feeling. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m mad or frustrated. I cry when I’m happy.  I hate it everyContinue reading “Don’t Hold Back: Crying is a Good Thing”

Going All-in on Holidays and Seasons

As many people have already seen, I started embracing fall in August.  I’ve been ordering pumpkin spice lattes, updating my fall wardrobe (I am wearing a pair of leggings with pumpkins on them as I write this) and filling my apartment with fall decorations.  I even have my Halloween costume added to an Amazon soonContinue reading “Going All-in on Holidays and Seasons”

Grief-Brain + Emotional Burnout

This blog took three weeks to write, because unsurprisingly, writing about burnout when you are actively burnt out is incredibly difficult. It’s been said about grief:  “It doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger.” -unknown.  I fully believe this. And actually, I would add (and emphasize) that it gets harder. Like, a lot harder. YouContinue reading “Grief-Brain + Emotional Burnout”

5 Ways to Promote Liver Health

Plus, signs of liver disease. Please note: I am not trying to provide medical advice in this post. I am only sharing and reflecting what I learned from my family’s recent experience and my research on the subject. We’ve all been there: “Lol, this quarantine is going to be so bad for my liver!” “Oh,Continue reading “5 Ways to Promote Liver Health”