Please Let Me Have Thanksgiving

Having a lot of thoughts tonight and this whole week, really.  This was just going to just be a Facebook post, but apparently the wine I have been drinking tonight says otherwise. I started off by wanting to share my “depression anthem” with everyone: My parents introduced me to this song last Christmas, and itContinue reading “Please Let Me Have Thanksgiving”

Mindfulness Tips for Online Meetings and Events

Before you read this post, pause for a moment and take a deep breath, and stretch your neck and shoulders. I have spent the year balancing my regular work-from-home workload with my board role and stress over my Dad’s health. Now, that stress has been replaced by grief.  It’s all taking a huge toll onContinue reading “Mindfulness Tips for Online Meetings and Events”

Sometimes You Just Need to Smash Something

Sometime in June or July, the song “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit became my personal anthem. Dad was very sick, the doctors couldn’t seem to make up their minds on how to treat him, and all I wanted to do was break something out of frustration. After a series of extremely distressing events culminating inContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Need to Smash Something”